Affordable Housing

James and Jessie Brown Cottages.

Offering affordable, simple sustainable rental across five locations in Adelaide, these homes demonstrate another aspect of how the Kalyra Community certainly does care for each other, no matter the circumstances of life.

Using the skills hard won through many years of building quality retirement living and reflecting our historical diversity, James and Jessie Brown Cottages are sustainably designed for simple low cost living, enabling people to step out of risk of homelessness, supported by agencies into a more secure future.

The Trust owns and operates five Affordable Housing sites, The James and Jessie Brown Cottages, which provide low cost rental opportunities for those on a Disability or Aged Pension.

  • Campbelltown (24 units)
  • Clovelly Park (12 units)
  • Findon (7 units)
  • Mansfield Park (20 units)
  • Crafers (16 units)

Cottages are all modern one bedroom units, and provide good accommodation at a low cost in which residents live independently. As a guide to resident affordability and the Trust’s charitable position, the rents are well within common definitions of what is seen as “Affordable”.

Our sites are located close to transport; shopping and other required facilities so that the individual has easy access without the need of personal transport.

Many residents are provided with the opportunity for low cost, independent accommodation which may previously have been difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons. We require that all incoming Residents have support through an Agency so that we have the best possible outcome for the individual by firstly stabilising their lives within a caring environment and then moving it forward to provide the best possible outcome. Length of Tenancy may be either Short Term or Long Term depending on individual needs.

The James and Jessie Brown Cottages first site at Findon opened in November 1959. Fifty years later 2009 saw the Trust’s commitment to the long term provision of Affordable Housing with the redevelopment of the Mansfield Park site followed by the redevelopment of the Campbelltown, Findon and Clovelly Park sites. The James and Jessie Brown Cottages are just one of many examples of the Trust’s active involvement in caring for the wider community.

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