Living with COVID-19

CEO Update – 15:00 am 19 January 2022 

What’s happening in our Kalyra Aged Care Facilities?

All our aged care facilities are responding to contacts as covid increases across the broader community. Please note some units/zones remains closed to visiting  except for end of life by arrangement. Where the unit has become open visiting may take place subject to following restrictions; 1 visit per day of up to two people (families need to liaise with each other) no children under 12. Visiting is through our on line booking system on the website. Normal entry check in via reception and instructions will be provided for unit/zone access.

Kalyra Belair Aged Care: Restricted Visiting

Magnolia and Belview: Open to restricted visiting via booking system

Visiting for Magnolia and Belview can be booked here:

Rosella: Temporarily Closed

Kalyra Woodcroft Aged Care: Closed  

Kalyra Woodcroft closed to visiting.

Kalyra McLaren Vale Aged Care: Restricted Visiting

Olive, Almond, Vines: all open

Kalyra McLaren Vale visiting can be booked here:

Residents have access to fresh air through garden doors and windows. Fortunately, individual room air conditioning means we can use A/C. Residents are being supported by Wellbeing staff for connecting with family by phone/iPad.

Please note as of 29 January 2022 in accordance with the latest Emergency Direction visitors are required to have had their booster within four weeks of becoming eligible. This direction also applies to staff. 

What can you do to help?

It can get boring for residents so we have wellbeing staff supporting residents with iPads, Facetime and telephone connections to family. Not everyone can connect this way so other surprises to brighten life that residents appreciate are letters, drawings, photos of favorite things, photos of pets and family activities bound or stuck into a booklet that the resident can look at at their leisure, and whenever they feel like it. You can leave such items, and any other gifts at reception and they will be delivered to the resident. Reception is open from 10.00am-5.00pm on weekends and 9.00am-4:30pm Monday to Friday.

What’s happening in Kalyra Retirement Villages?

It is good to be part of a supportive community at such times, knowing there is help to call on if required. All residents are strongly encouraged to have their booster as soon as they are eligible.
See SA Health – COVID-19 Fact Sheet for Older People for further information.

What about Help at Home Services?

Help at Home services continue and please advise your coordinator if you are unwell or waiting on test result. So far, staffing has had limited impact however this may change as covid peaks in South Australia and if so, we will keep you informed.

What about Volunteering at Kalyra?

We highly value our volunteers and miss you all! We are also working on how we can gradually re-introduce volunteers. Please keep your data up to date and ensure you have your booster when eligible.

Thank you for your continued support.

If you have any queries or concerns, please email and include resident’s name, room number (if possible) and site.