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For residential aged care residents, families and friends – Belair, Woodcroft and McLaren Vale

14 August  CEO update for families re Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 7) (COVID-19).
Watch the video below or read the transcript.

14 August   Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 7)

10 July Kalyra CEO Update for families watch now

3 July   What happens if a resident tests positive to COVID-10 at Kalyra?

If a resident tests positive to COVID-19 they will be transferred immediately to hospital by ambulance.

This is a public health response to ensure the resident has access to appropriate medical care if needed AND it will help protect other residents, staff and families from exposure.

For more details, please download the SA Health fact sheet 

22 June CEO  video message to residents and families 

“Coming out of COVID-19 hibernation will be tricky. What matters most is that we bring everyone along together, at their own pace, and respecting different individual circumstances.
“Most heartening is our community has reaffirmed that everyone matters, no matter what age.
Everyone deserves to be protected from coronavirus. Everyone deserves to be safe and cared for.”

22 June Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 6) (COVID-19)
Direction 2020 (effective 20 June 2020).

19 June    NEW VISITOR GUIDELINES – no need to book from 19 June
Read the letter to families   

New visitor guidelines apply from today (Friday 19 June 2020) at all Kalyra residential aged care facilities in line with the South Australian Government’s  Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care No 5) (COVID-19).

Booking visits in advance no longer required
From today, families and advocates will be able to visit a loved one without booking an appointment. For those who have already booked an appointment you can choose to come at that time or another within the new visiting hours.

New visiting hours

Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm

Who can visit?
A maximum of two people per visit (one visit per resident per day)*
Children over 6 months who have had their 2020 annual flu vaccination may now visit

Residents leaving the facility

Residents may leave and return to Kalyra at any time but will be asked to complete a one-off fact sheet/form.

Upon return to Kalyra, residents will undergo a COVID-19 screening (wellness/temperature check) after each outing (except when they have only left the home for a walk around the site).

More information
SA Health: Information for Visitors to Residential Aged Care Facilities

12 June 2020

International Elder Abuse Awareness Day (15 June 2020)

“Elder abuse is insidious and it’s cruel. We all have a responsibility to protect the older people around us.” Kalyra CEO, Sara Blunt

5 June 2020

CEO Update to families and advocates   
“Everyone will emerge from the COVID-19 hibernation in different ways. For the aged care sector, we know that we will be among the very last to see official restrictions relax.”


29 May 2020

CEO Message to families and advocates (video) 
“This is our new ‘normal’ at Kalyra… acting with an abundance of caution. Every time.”


28 May 2020 11.15am

Belair Residential Aged Care 

This morning we received the good news that the test results for the Belview resident are clear for COVID-19 and influenza.
This means that the precautionary measures implemented yesterday at Kalyra Belair Aged Care have been reviewed and visitor access has been restored with residents free to move about the home again.
Thank you for your understanding and support.  
Please continue to book visits online (one visit of up to two people per resident per day between Monday and Friday) and remember hand-washing and social distancing will help us keep COVID-19 at the door.

If you have any questions, please email


27 May 2020 3pm

Belair Residential Aged Care 

Kalyra Belair Aged Care is taking precautionary measures in response to two residents presenting with cold symptoms in the past two days.

The two residents from Belview wing are being tested for COVID-19 and influenza—one has already returned a negative result.

All residents in Belview are asked to stay in their rooms and visitors to that wing have been restricted temporarily until the test results have been received.

Visiting other Kalyra Belair Residential Aged Care wings – Magnolia and Rosella – is unaffected. 

The health and wellbeing of residents and staff is our first priority and although the risk is very low, we are acting with an abundance of caution.

We will keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available.

If you have any questions, please email or visit our website


22 May 2020   VIDEO Kalyra CEO Sara Blunt announces increased visits to residential aged care.

From next Monday 25 May, you will be able to visit your loved ones in residential aged care, like here at Belair, once a day from Monday to Friday rather than twice a week.
The same conditions set down by the Federal Government – one visit per resident per day and of up to half an hour and no children under 16 still apply.
And special provisions remain in place for residents in palliative care and other special circumstances. As our visitor restrictions in residential aged care ease, and we see life in the broader community edge closer to life before COVID-19, keeping up the infection control becomes even more vital.
Our entry protocols are there to protect your family member, so please:
• Use the online booking page on our website
• Make sure you’ve had your flu shot – no jab no entry
• Complete the health declaration and temperature check on arrival
• And keep up the 1.5m social distancing

21 May 2020  Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 4) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 will come into effect at 12:01am on Friday 22 May 2020. It revokes the Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 3) (COVID-19) Direction 2020.


12 May 2020    Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes During COVID-19 

The Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes during COVID-19 has been released by 13 aged care peak bodies, including Aged & Community Services (ACSA) of which Kalyra is a member, and consumer advocacy organisations. The Code creates a nationally consistent approach that ensures residents can receive visitors while minimising the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.


11 May 2020   UPDATED Visitor Guidelines: twice a week visits from 11 May.


8 May 2020   VIDEO Kalyra CEO Sara Blunt discusses the road to recovery from the threat of COVID-19 ahead of Mother’s Day 2020.

7 May  2020   Mother’s Day – special visitor arrangements for 9 & 10 May
Belair Visitor Mother’s Day Visitor Bookings
McLaren Vale Mother’s Day Visitor Bookings
Woodcroft Mother’s Day Visitor Bookings


29 April 2020 Booking a visit – residential aged care from 30 April


27 April 2020 Updated information re visiting Kalyra residential aged care


21 April 2020  Important CEO message re visitors and Kalyra residential aged care


21 April 2020 New entry exemptions for residential aged care facilities – Updated COVID-19 Direction.  This directive clarifies details new changes for entry into residential aged care facilities in South Australia.


9 April 2020 Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 2) (COVID-19) Direction 2020. The directive above has outlined further details regarding the prohibition of entry to aged care facilities in South Australia.


NO VISITORS until further notice
From 10am Wednesday 25 March 2020, Kalyra will no longer allow any visitors into its residential aged care facilities at Belair, Woodcroft or McLaren Vale.

This is a further precautionary measure to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. This directive will be reviewed on 6 May 2020.


Updated 8 April 2020 Letter to families re extension of visitor restrictions


Updated 8 April 2020  No Visitors at Kalyra Residential Aged Care Facilities


25 March 2020 CEO Memo: No Visitors at Kalyra Residential Aged Care Facilities


For retirement living residents

16 March 2020 Letter for Kalyra Retirement Living Residents


For Kalyra Help at Home clients

16 March 2020 Letter for Help at Home clients


For Staff

15 May 2020 CEO message to staff
“I can feel can feel our next challenge – keeping vigilant and fighting complacency…” Sara Blunt, Kalyra CEO

Updated 31 March 2020 Staff Frequently Asked Questions 

27 March 2020 CEO Staff Message


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