Living with COVID-19

CEO Update – 14:00 29 July 2022 


How things have changed….

We now treat airborne pathogens very differently in residential aged care as we have learnt a great deal through the Covid Pandemic. Covid, influenza and gastroenteritits (such as norovirus) are all shared by airborne pathogens and droplets. Unless we have an outbreak the resident is treated in their room and the facility remains open. 

This means it is important to wash hands frequently and wear a mask when visiting. Never visit if you are unwell and in accordance with public health orders you must be vaccinated for both Covid and influenza to visit. 

What does it mean for Resident’s and Visiting? (and see section below for more general information)

  1. Residents who are close contacts or who have symptoms must remain in their rooms until cleared by pathology testing or specified time.
  2. Residents who are positive must remain in their room until cleared.
  3. Staff providing care are required to wear PPE and change before entering another room.
  4. Resident’s can have essential visitors and residents or their families are asked to inform non essential general visitors to reschedule visits.
  5. Residents required to stay in rooms are not to mingle with other residents, use dining rooms or attend group activities. They can go outside weather permitting and can visit family at home.
  6. General, non essential visitors are best to check with the resident or family before visiting.

An Emergency Direction is in effect under public health – Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 49) (COVID-19) Direction 2022

Amendments to the Public Health Act have been enacted that have enabled the Major Emergency Declaration to be lifted while ensuring important public health measures are retained. Under the amendments to the Public Health Act, existing requirements currently listed in the Emergency Direction will transition over to the Act and continue to apply without any changes.


What’s happening in Kalyra?

In keeping with the increasing numbers of COVID cases in South Australia, all Kalyra Residential Aged Care sites have an increased risk of becoming an exposure site if a resident tests positive to COVID. If this occurs the resident will be required to quarantine in their rooms. Regular visitors to Kalyra will be well informed and updated. If you are an occasional visitor, you may want to check with the resident or their family before visiting.


Kalyra Belair Aged Care is currently an exposure site where we have one resident with COVID in Belview.  This resident is in isolation.  There are no restrictions to operations of the unit as no close contacts were identified.


Visiting Kalyra Residential Aged Care Facilities Visiting General Information

You no longer need to pre-book visits to visit our residents.  The booking system will remain operational on the website in case it is needed in the future.

Information on current visitor restrictions is available on SA Health’s Information for Visitors webpage.

At times a resident may be in isolation as a result of a COVID exposure however the facility will still be open for general visiting.  If you would like to confirm if the resident you will be visiting is able to receive visitors please check with the resident’s Next of Kin or contact the facility directly.

We will advise Next of Kin and update this webpage if any facility, or unit of a facility, is declared in outbreak and general visiting is not permitted as a result.

Visitors to our homes are urged to ensure they complete a Rapid Antigen Test before entering the home.  These are readily available in Reception.  For regular visitors we can provide you with some test kits to take home so you can undertake the test prior to visiting.  Just make sure you record your test result on the register in Reception.  We have worked hard to keep our visiting times as flexible as possible.  This sometimes means that there may be a short wait upon entry during busy periods.  Please factor this in when planning your visits.

Visitors are reminded that, as a High Risk Setting, people that have had COVID or are close contacts of a positive case cannot attend a RACF for 14 days from their positive test date or, for a Close Contact, the date of their last exposure to the positive case and are not permitted to enter.  QR codes also remain in place for High Risk Settings.  There are penalties contained within legislation for not complying with this.

Out of hours visits can be arranged through the Care Manager.


A change in Living with COVID for Residents going out and about

Residents who leave the facilities for a day to attend a medical appointment will have a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) on day two of their return.

Residents who leave to go to family/social gatherings such as weddings and funerals and return the same day or residents who go on longer social leave will have a RAT on day 2 and 6 after they return. These residents will be required to quarantine until they receive a negative day 2 test result.

If a resident becomes symptomatic they will have immediate PCR test and quarantine until cleared.

Please refer to factsheet for more information.


What’s happening in Kalyra Retirement Villages?

From Tuesday, 19 April 2022 the following changes to current COVID restrictions at Kalyra Retirement Villages were made in line with the changes in Directions.

1. QR code check-ins and the QR signage are no longer required and have been removed

2. For masks in our Community settings:

      • In an abundance of caution, staff and contractors will continue to wear masks in line with current protocols.
      • Masks are recommended but optional for residents and their visitors.


What about Help at Home Services?

Help at Home services continue.  Please advise your coordinator if you are unwell or waiting on COVID test result. So far, staffing has had limited impact .  We will keep you informed.


If you have any queries or concerns, please email and include resident’s name, room number (if possible) and site.



Kalyra Belair visiting can be booked here:

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