Friday, 06 September 2019

Kalyra Belair Registered Nurse: FiveAA Healthcare Hero nominee

Kalyra’s Healthcare Hero of the Night: Bev Cooper

Registered Nurse, Bev Cooper, who has worked night duty at Kalyra Belair for over 30 years, has been nominated as a FiveAA Healthcare Hero recognising her extraordinary service and commitment to aged care.
“I feel really humbled,” Bev said. “I just feel it’s a privilege to look after older people.  I chose night duty partly to fit in with family but also because I thought it was a hands on time where I could actually see every resident.”
Bev was nominated by Director of Care at Belair, Natasha Forward for her kindness, compassion and for being an exceptional role model for other staff.
“I am sure she could have chosen many people because there are so many amazing people working at Kalyra,” said Bev.

Listen to the extended interview with Bev and Natasha.

Listen to FiveAA’s Jane Reilly interview Bev Cooper for the FiveAA Healthcare Heroes Award