Intergenerational Programs

Fun & Laughter at Kalyra

At Kalyra, we have several programs that foster relationships between generations, from weekly playgroups with younger children through to visits from high school aged children.  We celebrate the great benefit that both residents and children receive from engaging in play activities and sharing knowledge.  Our intergenerational programs were recently featured on the Ageless Friendships series by the ABC. (You can view the episode here)

The Southern Montessori Middle School is co-located with Kalyra’s Woodcroft Aged Care home, providing both the residents and the children an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and share new experiences and learnings. The students and residents enjoy activities such as pizza making (using Kalyra Woodcroft’s wood fire pizza oven) and games.

If you would like to be involved with Kalyra’s Intergenerational Program, please fill out the form below.