Community Engagement – McLaren Vale Hospital

The Project


The membership of the McLaren Vale Hospital has decided to transfer the hospital site to Kalyra.

We want to work with the community and local stakeholders, working together to develop future plans for the site. Your input into this process is important to ensure a variety of ideas are tabled and evaluated.

We intend that the Hospital site will continue to be used to support the health and housing needs of residents of the Fleurieu Peninsula as they age and also the most vulnerable in the community. We want to contribute to building a community of belonging and respond to community need.

Current Status of the Project

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Our Commitment

Engaging with the Community

We are going to embark on a process of co-design and deliberation where we work with you, the community. Our first step is to establish the framework of how we are going to work together before then embarking on that journey with you.

We want to involve and partner with the McLaren Vale community in a collaborative process and in a way that builds understanding between the different stakeholders.


At a high level this process will involve us working according to the following principles-

Work together and with the local community, users of the hospital spaces, residents, staff and potential future users of the hospital site – to plan its future in the long and short term.
Seek to support the agency and autonomy of the local community, our residents and staff.
• Being transparent, open and share information to enable us to work together.
• Work to build social connection and strengthen the community fabric.
Respecting place – respect the history, heritage and environment of the hospital site.
• Pursue a practical approach which is tailored to the community.
Value the knowledge and skills of – hospital staff, Kalyra staff and our residents.

Deliberative processes are defined by the following key elements:

  • Clear and articulated purpose for the deliberation

  • Building understanding and knowledge

  • A clear commitment

  • Time and space for deep consideration

  • Diverse participation - enabling reconciliation of views

The Process

Phase 1 – Designing Together and Project Establishment

Exactly how we will work with you is up to you! We want to design how we bring these principles to life- with the community of McLaren Vale and key stakeholders in the region. Engagement consultant, DemocracyCo have developed a draft working strategy which we will be updating, developing and finalising together.




In Phase 1 we will be co-designing the strategy and progressing key implementation steps such as recruiting and establishing the Advisory Group and better understanding community sentiment.

This Phase starts in August 2023 and will be completed by late March (or April) 2024.

The Steps in this Phase are summarised below in Figure 1.


Phase 2 – Deliver Together

The Draft Engagement Strategy will explore several models for the facilitation/ implementation of the Advisory Group and make recommendations about how the broader community is engaged throughout.

How to get involved

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