The project

What’s happening?

There are exciting things happening here at Kalyra, and we want you to be a part of it!

The membership of McLaren Vale & Districts War Memorial Hospital has made the exciting decision to transition the assets and undertakings to Kalyra. This transfer will mean a few changes to the site you previously knew, which is why your opinion is valuable to us as we start the journey.

As we develop the future plans for the site, we will need the feedback of the local community. It will be your great ideas and honest advice that will shape the site.


How to get involved

  • Take the online survey

    Have your say with the McLaren Vale and Districts War Memorial Hospital site survey - we want to hear from you.
  • Attend an Event

    Look out for upcoming events throughout McLaren Vale and the surrounding districts.
  • Community Conversations

    We will be hosting small group conversations to discuss ideas for the hospital site.
  • Postcards

    You will see the Community Engagement postcards around McLaren Vale and the surrounding communities.
  • Online workshop

    Join an online workshop, it is an easy way for people to get involved in.
  • Hospital site community open day

    We will be hosting a community open day at the McLaren Vale & Districts War Memorial Hospital and grounds.

Current status of the project

Advisory Group formed to shape future of McLaren Vale Hospital Site 13 March 2024 – click here

Advisory Group Terms of Reference 24 June 2024- click here

View the Slides from the Advisory Group Meeting 24 March 2024- click here

View Slides from the Advisory Group Meeting 28 April 2024- click here

 Join the conversation over on our dedicated Facebook page

Our commitment

How can you help?

It’s different here.

At Kalyra, we look to set ourselves apart by placing our valued community at the centre of what we do. With this as our focus, we’re inviting you to join us in the process as we co-design and deliberate this transition.

To help us throughout this process, we have established the McLaren Vale Hospital Site Advisory Group. This Advisory Group will be the key bridge to collaboration between us and the community as we develop the future plans for the site. This group will also be central in creating the site’s vision, ensuring to meet the needs of the McLaren Vale and Districts community.

The Advisory Group is made up of our valuable community members, community organisations, Local Government, our current site users, Kalyra staff and other key stakeholders. We have chosen DemocracyCo to help us in the process and creation of the group.


To make this process smooth and inclusive, we’ve created the following important principals to closely work by:

  • Work collaboratively alongside the local community, including with those in hospital spaces, residents, staff, and those who are potential future users of the hospital site. We are planning for the future needs.
  • Support the agency and all those in our community, our residents, and staff members.
  • Transparency and communication are essential – we work together by sharing information honestly.
  • Value social connection, deepen the community’s fabric through authentic and respectful communication.
  • Always respect and consider the history, heritage, and environment of the hospital site.
  • Pursue a practical approach which is suited to our community’s values.
  • Value the knowledge and skills within our community including hospital staff, Kalyra staff, and our residents.

Deliberative engagement

The process of deliberative engagement means that we put our customers and community members at the core of our decision-making. This allows those participating in our project the space to collaborate as they explore their own creative ideas and insightful perspectives. By exchanging these thoughts with each other, our community can create a shared set of recommendations.

By engaging with our community through this deliberative process, we will be able to bring together a group of members who can provide advice on the complex issues that may impact the very community that they represent.

There are six key elements of deliberative engagement that will be supporting our approach to this project. These elements, when used in combination, will allow us to create sustainable, equitable and appropriate solutions to complex problems.

During this process of deliberation, we will be following these six key elements:

  • A clear purpose for the deliberation

  • To gain a deeper understanding

  • A clear commitment to the cause

  • An environment which encourages deep consideration

  • A discussion which encourages a wide range of views and diversity

  • An environment with encourages the reconciliation of disparate views

The process

Designing together and project establishment

The journey begins with you.

Here at Kalyra, we value personalised care. This value is not only instilled within our retirement villages, Help at Home care and residential care facilities, it defines our approach to collaborative work with our valued community. We want this project to be perfectly tailored to you, working alongside engagement consultant DemocracyCo, to develop a refined working strategy.

In late 2023, we surveyed the McLaren Vale and Districts community to gain an understanding of:

1. What the community values about the McLaren Vale Hospital site? What elements of the hospital site are important to you and why?

2. How you want us to work with you about the hospital site?

We have reviewed the feedback we received and have shared this on the site.

This survey also allowed us insight into the respondent’s interested in joining our Advisory Group. We were excited to see the high level of support and interest our community showed in participating in this group.

Our Advisory Group

We are pleased to share the names of the McLaren Vale Hospital Advisory Group members, which includes representatives from the community, local government and current tenants.

The group will play a key role in establishing a vision for the site, advising on future land use and services, and providing advice on how best to engage with the community.

At the first Advisory Group meeting, it was decided to expand the group slightly to ensure a broader representation of the community including representatives of the local business community.

The list will be updated as new members are added.

Martine Carpenter, Dr Mike Reid, Brooke Kenny, Dr Graham Lovell, Robert Hall, Marisa Bell, Lisa Elder, John Gyepes, Kevin Baugh, Pam Williamson, Vic Rowe, Susan Ryan, Bryan Hearn, Juli Ferguson, Leanne Bawden, Margaret Paulsen, SA Ambulance

Kalyra Staff: Sara Blunt, Samantha Manoel

In our first two Advisory Group meetings, there will be consideration of the Terms of Reference.

However, the group will also be:

  • Establishing the vision for the site
    •  Helping to define the purpose and principles for the use of the site
    •  Supporting implementation in line with the purpose and principles for the use of the site
  • Enabling information sharing
    •  Providing advice and feedback on changes to the site
    •  Provide feedback on and advice to Kalyra from a community and stakeholder perspective on plans and or significant changes to the site
    •  Co-designing elements of the future use of the site
  • Providing advice on and supporting broader community engagement about the site

These are the initial designated roles of the group; however, we believe this will continue to evolve as the Advisory Group begins their journey.

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Deliver Together

It is important to us that we hear feedback on how our community feels. This will allow us to ensure that we continue to make you feel involved as the journey continues.

It's different here

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