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Kalyra offers different levels of Memory Support at its Belair, Woodcroft and McLaren Vale Residential Aged Care facilities, as well as through its Help At Home program.

Residential Aged Care Memory Support Units

In our Residential Aged Care facilities, there is a strong emphasis on a partnership approach with family members and friends who are always welcome to provide much needed context and contact for residents living with different forms of dementia and cognitive challenges.

We aim to “do with, not for”, encouraging residents to exercise their choice, autonomy and remain as independent as possible. This means staff and volunteers focus on what each resident CAN do, taking time to nurture their interests and strengths rather than taking away precious abilities such as making a cup of tea or putting on their coat to go outside, at a time when dementia is already challenging their confidence

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Our Different Approach

Each of our locations have a slightly different approach to Memory Support.

  • At Belair

    We have trips to the local community so you can enjoy new experiences or familiar activities in a safe and reassuring environment, guided by the Wellbeing team.
  • At Woodcroft

    The first aspect you notice is the absence of name plates on the residents’ doors. Instead, each room has an inset memory box filled with special mementos relevant to each person which acts as a visual cue and is readily identified by those living with dementia. The lifestyle schedule is also less structured, with a greater emphasis on tailoring activities to cater for changing moods and engagement levels.
  • At McLaren Vale

    Based in the heart of a thriving cultural community, residents living with memory loss are encouraged to participate in the art exhibitions and other creative pursuits. Lifestyle activities are carefully planned to enhance memory skills at different levels with a busy social calendar aimed at retaining close connections with the local community in and around McLaren Vale. In addition to regular bus trips to the local shops, visits are also scheduled to a variety of locations including lunch at a pub, afternoon teas, whale watching at Port Elliot and to other Kalyra sites for special events such as bowling competitions.

Memory Support At Home

The Kalyra Help at Home team supports hundreds of older South Australians living with cognitive challenges to continue to live independently in their own homes. Our staff know how important maintaining routines in a familiar environment can be to someone living with memory loss and so adapt their visits and services to meet specific needs and expectations.

We carefully match our staff with each client, taking the time to understand the different elements that can influence successful service delivery and uptake including cultural, gender, age and special interests. It really matters that the person with memory loss feels comfortable and safe with the carer. This helps to reduce any challenging behaviours by recognising triggers before a situation escalates.

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Kalyra works closely with services including Dementia Support Australia and Dementia Australia.

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