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Kalyra Press Release 27th March 2023

27 March 2023

Big news for us at Kalyra today……

Watch Sara Blunt, CEO Kalyra share with you the media announcement on the merger of the McLaren Vale & Districts War Memorial Hospital with Kalyra.



MARCH 27TH 2023

Kalyra commitment to McLaren Vale & Districts War Memorial

On Monday 27th March 2023, the Board of McLaren Vale & Districts
War Memorial Hospital announced the facility was no longer viable
and it would be transitioning to providing aged care for the local
community. Kalyra is the nominated partner for this merger and
transition to aged care.

Kalyra is a not-for-profit provider of care, accommodation and
services to older people in the South Australian community.
“We are part of the history of South Australia and Kalyra has been
providing humanitarian services for 130 years. We have been
supporting the McLaren Vale community for over 30 years, providing
aged care, retirement living and help at home services that enable
older people to live well as their needs change”, said Sara Blunt, CEO

“Our visionary founder, Jessie Brown, established the JBM Trust to
facilitate quality services for those in need and this guides Kalyra
strategically. Both Jessie Brown and Mary Aldersey were inspirational
women of their time, whose dedication has played an important role
in South Australia’s history. We believe our intertwined services and
extensive experience will ensure the merger with the McLaren Vale &
Districts War Memorial Hospital responds to community needs,
interests and belonging”.

Kalyra is committed to providing a facility that will support the
McLaren Vale and Districts communities into the future. This will
include moving forward in consultation with SA Ambulance Services,
the Wellbeing GP Clinic and Clinpath pathology. The hospital kitchen
will continue with food preparation for Meals on Wheels.

Kalyra will also seek to co-design improved services in conjunction
with the local community. Investments in the current Hospital site
need to better service the evolving needs of the area, but preserve
the rich history, including Mary’s now heritage Tsong Gyiaou building.
This is an exciting opportunity for Kalyra, and we are committed to
moving forward with the merger. The next step will be a Special
General Meeting, likely to be held in late April, for Hospital members
to vote on a resolution.

We would like to recognise the dedication and commitment of the
doctors, nursing staff, volunteers and team members who have been
providing services to the community since 1951. Your efforts for over
70 years are greatly appreciated.

As we work through the next steps in the merger process, questions
can be directed to

Sara Blunt, CEO Kalyra
P 0400 028 537 E

Amanda Bywater, Marketing & Communications Officer
P 0448061831 E

About Kalyra
Jessie Brown inherited property from her late husband James and
established the James Brown Memorial Trust in 1892 to provide
services for people in need.
The main focus during the first fifty years was the alleviation of
suffering amongst tuberculosis patients and crippled children. Over
time general improvement in health standards has seen the impact of
diseases like TB and Polio eradicated and the shift in emphasis of the
Trust has been towards care of the aged and disadvantaged.
Much of the charitable work of recent times has been centred around
our affordable housing; modern, sustainably designed housing for
simple low-cost living, enabling people to step out of risk of
homelessness, supported by agencies, into a more secure future.
Kalyra helps people comfortably maintain independence while easing
into the next stage of their life, with Help at Home, Retirement Living
and Residential Aged Care services.
Kalyra has five scenic retirement living properties across Adelaide,
Help at Home services stretching from Victor Harbor to Murray
Bridge, and three Residential Aged Care Homes at Belair, Woodcroft
and McLaren Vale.